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to my homepage.

Hello and welcome to my homepage!
For all those who do not know me yet, but want to know who is "The Fetish Queen" I wrote some lines about me:
My name is Heike and I live in the south of Germany near Munich.

In 1999 my partner, who also takes the beautiful photos of me, guided me into the world of fetish. I immediately discovered my love for lacquer, leather and latex. My passion is to wear clothes of these wonderfiul materials and hot boots and high heels.
I life my fetish on parties in the whole southern German area where I meet my fetish friends and have a lot of fun
...and I also enjoy my fetish in my "everyday's live" ;-)

A lot of you know me from my first site and know, that I enjoy being photographed in my hot outfits and like to share my fetish this way with you. Just have a look in my private life. I am sure you won't be disappointed.
I hope you enjoy my photos and short videos ;-))

In my private galleries you will see to me in my "everyday's life":
e.g., at home, shopping, on the way to the disco
and much more besides......
As you can see, I always wear my high heels or boots.

The special galleries show photographs
with friends, from parties and Convetions, fetish drawings and a lot more...

Of course there are galleries for plastic lovers, too.

And for anything else, just let me surprise you........

With kisses, yours Heike